5 essentials for your gym bag

If you pledged to be a bit more active this year, we are here to help you look good while doing it! Sporting an old cotton T-shirt and shorts that double as PJs isn’t just hurting your look, it’s ruining your workout. Plus swap the heavy items that sop up sweat for performance-enhancing pieces that keep you swift and smell-free up until your very last rep. These five gym essentials are so practical and stylish that you’ll never skip a workout again.

The Right T-Shirt

Look for tees that can wick moisture to keep you cooler and feature reinforced seams for added durability.

A Good Hoodie

Hooded sweatshirts come in a variety of thickness, so pay attention to the weight. Depending on when and where you exercise, a bulkier design may feel too heavy after a few reps, just as a lightweight one may seem like you’re wearing a second T-shirt.

Fancy Pants

Thanks to cutting-edge breakthroughs in sweatpant technology, you no longer have to wear baggy, outdated styles to the gym. And many of the the less bulky models feature a drawstring for avoiding wardrobe malfunctions while you’re popping squats or cruising that next kilometer.

Treat Your Feet

Your feet support you, so show them some love with comfortable sneakers. Mesh uppers are lightweight and breathable, while memory foam insoles will help you stay comfortable throughout your workout.

Champion-Level Boxer Briefs

Everyone needs a little support. Not only will boxer briefs provide a comfortable fit, but they can also reduce chafing, unlike standard briefs or boxers.

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