Offbeat Gifts To Touch Her Heart

There’s nothing wrong with dinner and flowers for Valentine’s Day, but why not surprise her on Feb. 14 with something that goes beyond the cliché. Here are a few non-traditional V-Day gifts that your sweetheart will find thoughtful and useful.

Alpaca scarf

You might’ve bought her plenty of clothes during the December holidays, but a warm, cozy scarf made of alpaca fiber is perfect for the middle of winter. Brownie points for scouting a sustainable version.

 Suave stationery

No matter what your significant other does for work, they’re sure to be thankful for a pen and matching notepad when they need to quickly jot something down. Leather lined journals, Swarovski pens and personalized letter sets show that you went the extra mile.

Simple jewelry 

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s OK to save them for milestones and anniversaries. Simple, barely-there jewelry that doesn’t break the bank and can be layered also makes for a cute gift—for her or for him.


No, really. One of the most defining moments of early adulthood is the inexplicable penchant for quality socks. Keep their heart, as well as their feet, warm with pieces in playful prints or versions made of uber luxurious materials.

A hobby/service membership

The most practical gifts are often the most cherished ones, and a hobby membership shows that you’re up to date with your sweetheart’s interests. If she wants to try a new spin class, surprise her with a studio membership, or get your beau an iTunes gift card if he won’t stop singing in the shower. Hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Kitchen appliances

We’re not talking about something from an infomercial; this requires more thought. For the lady who likes to bake, for instance, a fancy stand mixer might tell her that you’re the one. But even if they don’t know it yet, they’ll always appreciate a fresh pasta maker, espresso machine or even a wine cooler. Just make sure you know what your significant other is into.

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