Fitness trends to try now

It used to be that you joined a gym and (if you went) never did classes. Now you likely frequent one or more boutique studios that resemble nightclubs in ambience and exclusivity.

The boom in boutique studios has been partly driven by their enhanced “experience,” from heated, scented towels to upmarket grooming products—hardly essential, but welcome and helpful for getting you in the door. In the company of other people, plus a headset-wearing trainer, you invariably push yourself harder than you would have at the gym alone.

Done well, fitness classes integrate camaraderie, motivation and even enjoyment, so that you’re willing and able to come back and make “gains.” They also attend to muscle-building resistance and fat-burning cardio: both key to being beach-ready. So, summer vacation season upon us, here are three classes to consider now.

Rumble Boxing

This expanding group of hip boxing studios admittedly skews more toward entertainment. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The fact that Rumble is an effective workout is undisputed: It combines boxing’s aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular benefits with those of strength training. The class itself consists of five rounds of whaling on the water-filled punch bags (easier on hands and wrists) alternated with five rounds of exercises on a bench next to you (handily stocked with a range of weights). A projection system, as well as an instructor, guides you throughout. It’s not exactly spit-and-sawdust authenticity, but neither is it as intimidating as a bona fide fight gym—getting punched is not everybody’s idea of fun.

Master of One by Equinox

The new offering from the boutique health club combines cardio and strength but removes the bells and whistles with which fitness classes often lure clients—well, apart from a solitary kettlebell. Indeed, Master of One’s unique selling point is that you employ a single piece of equipment for the whole 45-minute class. Less paraphernalia is more beneficial, and not just because you don’t have to frantically stagger to the next station mid-session or squint to read the numbers on weights in the atmospheric lighting.

Full-Body Strength by Peloton Digital

Tech company Peloton, which streams live and on-demand instructor-led classes, was born because founder John Foley struggled to fit a trip to the cycling studio into his schedule. Now you can do more than cycle (and don’t have to fork over a small fortune for a sleek carbon-steel bike). The Webby Award-nominated Peloton Digital app gives you access to strength, bootcamp, yoga and running classes (complete with smashing playlists and motivating instructors) that are designed for indoors and out, and little or no gear.

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