Intsant diet: dress thin!

Okay, so we all over-indulged a bit during the holidays and, as always, we’ve postponed our New Year’s resolution to hit the gym. (Too crowded, bad weather, headache, too much work, dog was lonely, Netflix binge, need we go on?) So how can you look presentable now when we’ve not yet shed the extra pounds? The simplest solution: Dress thin!

Rule No. 1: Shove the extra snug clothes toward the back of your closet; the new goal is to wear clothes that fit, even if it means buying a few “transitional” pieces until you’ve shed the extra pounds. There’s no inherent stigma in going up a size—no one but you can see the label. Plus, many contemporary styles feature new stretch fabrics so that these transition items should still fit even after you’ve lost a few pounds.

A great way to look slimmer is to select a monochromatic color scheme. In other words, your top and bottom should be the same neutral shade. We like gray, navy, olive, burgundy, rich brown and denim blue. Not into these hues? Feel free to vary it a bit: medium gray cashmere turtleneck with charcoal trousers, camel merino cardigan with brown corduroy pants, navy ground patterned shirt with denim jeans. Tone on tone works fine, but sharp contrast between top and bottom (white shirt, dark jeans) is not a flattering look, especially if the top is worn tucked in. Avoid visibly contrasting dark belts that highlight the widest part of your body. Better still, avoid all horizonal lines.

Think vertical! Vertical stripes on shirts or sweaters, a long scarf draped casually over a fine gauge sweater (avoid bulky knits), a low V-neck cardigan or a necktie. Perhaps our favorite slimming item is a solid knit V-neck vest worn over a button front shirt with trousers in a similar shade as the vest. Pro tip: If you find the right V-neck knit vest, buy it in a few colors and you’ll be set for the season!

Our final piece of advice: Buy a new sportcoat. Nothing shapes the male silhouette as well as softly constructed tailored clothing that broadens the shoulders and trims the waist. Try a subtle pattern that works with all your pants and trousers. And drop the guilt—that’s the weight that’s easiest to lose!

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