Plan Ahead: Great Gift Ideas for Him

As holiday gift-giving looms in the not-so-distant future, we’re already dreading the last-minute crunch. Worse than the chaos, crowds and confusion is figuring out what the men in your life would truly appreciate! Of course, they crave the newest phones and tech gadgets, but what they really need is some decent (and somewhat modern) clothes.

Here, five can’t-miss apparel gifts that we guarantee he will love. The common denominator: each features a touch of luxury and/or performance. Today’s high tech/high touch/low maintenance fabrics make most of the clothing he owns seem almost archaic. (We recommend you shop early for the best selections.)

  • It’s all about performance, no double entendre intended. New boxers and briefs are anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, lightweight, soft and very sexy. Yes, they cost more than the drugstore pre-packs, but he won’t go back to the coarse bulky stuff once he tries these.
  • A cashmere scarf in his favorite color. No high-tech fabrics needed here, as pure cashmere is the epitome of luxury and a scarf gives the wearer just the right panache. Go with a heavier knit for colder climates or a lightweight woven for warmer locales. (Ever wonder why Italian men always looks so stylish? More often than not, it’s the scarf!)
  • A softly constructed sportcoat in a bold or subtle menswear pattern. Of course. he already owns a navy blazer; we’re talking about a more fashion-forward sportcoat that adds considerable flair worn with either jeans or casual pants. Pick out the one you love and if for some reason he doesn’t, of course he can exchange it for a different model (even a new navy blazer if he insists…)
  • Jeans with stretch. The guy in your life might already own a dozen pairs of denim favorites, but if he hasn’t purchased jeans in the past year or so, he’s in for a happy surprise. Today’s jeans (and five-pocket pants) are almost all made with a small percent of stretch for shape retention and incredible comfort. Instead of taking off his slim-fit jeans the moment he walks through the door, he’s likely to wear them for days on end. (Just remind him to launder them once in a while!)
  • A new tie. Now that ties are no longer mandatory office attire, they’re once again becoming coveted objects of desire, in some cases works of art. May we suggest a blend of wool/cashmere or wool/silk for a subdued toned-down look? Or how about a knit tie to add casual flair to a dress or sport shirt? Especially for young guys, a necktie is a novelty they will surely grow to love. Start his collection this holiday!
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