Revamp your pants

Although men’s fashion is more evolution than revolution, men’s pants have changed a lot in recent seasons as the industry embraces new models, colors/patterns and technical fabrics. If your closet is still loaded with thick khakis with pleats at the waist and rigid denim that weighs a ton, it’s time to lighten your load (and update your look) with more modern pants.

What could be all that different about today’s pant styles? For starters, a slim (but not skinny) fit is now the best-selling cut in the U.S., mostly because the fabrics are lighter in weight and include a bit of stretch—meaning guys of all sizes can finally be comfortable in a trimmer fit. And slim pants are definitely more flattering to most body types.

This season’s offerings also feature jogger looks with drawstring waists and a new modern cut that’s a bit looser on top but slims toward the ankle (not exactly pleated, this model sometimes has a short dart or two at the waist). And while it’s not yet happening in the States, voluminous pants with a higher rise and wide bottoms are gaining popularity among young guys in Italy and Japan. Other new looks to consider: pants in fashion colors (soft red, medium blue and pastels) and patterns from classics to novelties.

As for fabrics, we love cottons and cotton blends, lightweight wool and wool blends (they’re much cooler than you’d imagine) and of course linen—the quintessential summer fabric with natural cooling properties. If you can’t stand the wrinkles, many of the new tech fabrics are wrinkle-free, stainproof, quick drying, sweat releasing, antimicrobial and even sustainably sourced.

The bottom line (no pun intended): You need not just new pants but a whole new pants wardrobe to keep up with all the innovation. Bottoms up!

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