The 441 to updating your look

You have plenty of nice clothes and replenish your wardrobe regularly, but do you for some reason never feel that your look is quite right? We have news: You’re not alone! Even those of us in the fashion industry can have trouble putting together the new “elevated casual” or “sporty chic” look that has dominated runways in recent seasons. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

  • The biggest misconception about elevated casual is that all guys have to do is wear a suit and dress shirt without the tie. Wrong! The key component is a finely finished knitwear piece—it could be a soft cotton T-shirt or polo or a lightweight merino crew in a luxury fabric, preferably with some detailing or trim. Wear that as the foundation piece with drawstring waist pants or slim fit five-pockets, an unstructured sportcoat and cool footwear (sneakers, yes; gym sneakers, no!) and you’re good to go anywhere!”
  • It’s summer, so store your heavyweight dark denim and tweed sportcoats in a cedar closet and refresh your wardrobe with lighter weight pieces. The textile industry has been highly innovative of late and beautiful lightweight fabrics abound, many with performance features. Linen is finally catching on with American men; seersucker is also a great summer option. Comfort is crucial for dressing modern.
  • Wear clothes that fit. Don’t buy the size you plan to be once you lose weight. If you tend to go up and down, keep a few sizes in your closet so you always look great. (There’s nothing wrong with being a size 42 trouser unless you’re wearing a size 38.)
  • Don’t forget the accessories: Pockets were designed for pocket squares, wrist jewelry adds an element of cool, socks can be classic or whimsical and the right sunglasses make a huge difference in your overall look. Don’t pile them on—pick one or two; simplicity is modern.
  • Create your own personal style. This can be with a trademark apparel item or accessory, something that you own in multiples in different colors or patterns. It could be a vest, fedora, cufflinks or even a dominant color. Most men look great in blue, but why not try pink, a projected favorite for spring 2020? As Johannes Huebl, one of our favorite fashion influencers, advises: “You need to develop a signature and always be original and true to yourself. Avoid trends and fads. Be comfortable in your own skin. Be cognizant of your size and color. Imagine your best self, and live it. For style is not really how you dress but how you live.”
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