Polos to Drive You Mad: Psycho Bunny

You’ve spotted the polo you’ve been searching for. Expecting to be greeted by a crocodile, penguin, or jockey, you wonder when ‘they’ updated their old fit. The emblem that greets you, however, is a skull-and-crossbones with rabbit ears—Psycho Bunny’s cheeky declaration of edgy takes on staunch classics.

A diamond knit pique in 100% Pima cotton takes an old-school style and updates it with 21st century fit, modern comfort and a pinch of attitude. If you’re used to discarding droopy-shouldered shirts, fear not: Psycho Bunny shirts will retain their shape after every wash and grueling day on the golf course. If you feel the need to restock, though, a fresh batch of colors arrives each season.

They’ve got you set on core items as well. Classic T’s, Henley-Hoodie hybrids and rockin’ socks will keep you in full style, even if it’s just a lazy Sunday. Hop in to Raleigh and prepare for what Psycho Bunny has in store for you.

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