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If you’ve never heard of Slowear, you’re missing out on some seriously appealing collections. This family-owned, Venice-based group brings together several brands that value sartorial craftsmanship, including Incotex trousers.

We love these pants for their unrelenting quality, elegance of fit and array of colors and patterns. They feature a leisurely fit for understated summer sophistication but eschew denim in favor of exclusive fabrics crafted with cotton, wool and linen. Often slim fit with some stretch, a pair of Incotex chinos will have you looking cosmopolitan yet ready for a day in the country.

Incotex is a proud bearer of the ‘smart casual’ tag, and that label applies to the brand’s look as well as its production. Fabrics are treated, washed and dyed with state-of-the-art techniques to create the world’s most sumptuous textiles—now that’s smart. Stop into Raleigh and try them on for yourself.

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